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In the text that follows you may read a direct copy of the album description as found on my Bandcamp. In the upcoming updates on this page i intent to provide further details regarding the recording process and tool used in the production of this album.

Following his hit release “The Aftermath”, electronic artist Aevin returns with his highly anticipated self-released album “Gravity”. Continuing to build on his signature sound, Aevin once again inducts listeners with a collection of massive beat-oriented electronica complemented by epic string scores and gushing synth melodies.  

“Gravity” draws inspiration from a distinct topic of astrophysics; the placement of satellites into orbit. Nature is known to manifest in chaotic, yet beautiful patterns. The same applies to celestial objects. The gravitational forces of the sun, earth and the moon are in constant interaction, creating an ever-changing system of tension and attraction. It has been discovered that there is a solution to the “Three Body Problem”. 6 specific locations to place a satellite on a relative orbit - anywhere else - it will be drift out and be lost in outer space. These interplanetary locations are called “Lagrangian points”, L1 to L6 for short.

While “Gravity” takes off in science, it is in fact tapping into human nature. Exploring the equivalence of the gravitational pull of a binary star system, to the attraction between human beings - floating in their “Common Envelope” nebula. Considering the inexpressible centrifugal force that makes us move around our very own existence, as in a “Halo Orbit”. Our constant strive to place ourselves into a point of balance within the chaotic system of our society.

An elaborate and cohesive work that is meant to be consumed as a whole; Aevin manages to imprint all the valency of attraction and the tension marrow into carefully built sound-scapes which expand from an aural comforting equilibrium of cinematic ambient melodies to a breath-taking flight to the stars. “Gravity” adeptly weaves together a series of complementary opposites into a uniquely rich and deeply rewarding listening experience to delve into and return to.


released January 18, 2019

Music produced, composed, arranged and performed by Aevin
Mastered by Ziv Matushka
Vocals on "Roche Lobe" by Natalie B. of Re-Arbeiten
Cover photography by Vaia Pilafa -