First Pixels pt.2

The 2-dimensional pixel canvas of Photoshop felt liberating from the rigid world of my beloved 3D Studio (First Pixels - part 1). There was a subtle intimacy to work on a digital canvas like it's a piece of paper. I had no preconception of what i wanted to design, nor i had stock photography to work with. The only way i was able to put some graphics on screen was either by drawing shapes with the mouse or apply the good old "Difference Clouds". Then some effects. And then some more. A very crude approach to design anything at all, but for me it felt right - quicker than paper, and much quicker than painting on a canvas like my mom did. It was my technique, my discovery. I had no idea if there were other people on the planet doing the same on their Photoshop - "Is it just for editing photos?" - I later found out that there are; many of them. I gave it a small possibility and not much thought. Here are some of my very early digital art creations, made in late 90's.

My main inspiration was music and album covers (like this one, and this one, maybe this one too), my mom's paintings and art books, computer magazines and random images that were literally exchanged hand by hand on disks and CD-ROMs. I was trying to reinvent my primitive style every so often and push myself to discover anything new. But, in the beginning, there was no real challenge, nor long lasting motivation, as of sharing, getting feedback and be part of a community of graphic"s" designers. Even when we finally got an internet connection (i think around 1996), i was unaware of the plethora of resources and tutorials on Photoshop (or 3D Studio), but most importantly i didn't know how many teenage deviants (link to article) were doing the same thing; shaping the new digital art & design scene.